Safeguarding: Child Protection Level 2


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This programme aims to offer a learning resource for dental professionals which meets the requirements for the safeguarding of children as recommended by the GDC and CQC.

Safeguarding is a GDC recommended subject for continuing professional development.

This module covers child protection, a second module is available covering adults at risk.

The GDC requires dental professionals to link their CPD activities to at least one development outcome as part of the new enhanced CPD scheme.

This module can be linked to development outcome A: Effective communication with patients, the dental team and others across dentistry, including when obtaining consent, dealing with complaints, and raising concerns when patients are at risk.

Level 2 training: is suitable for all members of the dental team who have contact with children or their parents/carers requiring level 2 training.

It is not necessary to complete level 1 training if undertaking this module.

Completion of this module and passing the associated quiz will satisfy GDC requirements for 2 hours of CPD in safeguarding.

The content does not have to be completed all at once, you will be returned to where you left off when your restart the e-learning module again.

On completion of this module you should be able to:

  • Define abuse and neglect
  • Be able to recognise the varied signs of abuse and neglect in children
  • Know what action to take if you have concerns
  • Understand and describe the relevant safeguarding legislation, regulations and responsibilities
  • Explain the appropriate processes required to prevent further abuse
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply the relevant safeguarding processes for children at risk of abuse to ensure the abuse is stopped
  • Demonstrate the need for a multidisciplinary approach
  • Implement quality assurance procedures to ensure children are protected from possible risk of abuse within the practice.

Topic 1:  Introduction

Topic 2:  What is child protection?

Topic 3:  How to recognise abuse and neglect

Topic 4:  How to respond

Topic 5:  Preparing your practice

Topic 6:  Summary


There are interactive questions and activities throughout the module, which are not assessed.

On completion of the module there is a separately assessed quiz.

You will need to achieve 70 % for this quiz to complete the module and access your CPD certificate. You will have two opportunities to achieve the required score.


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